Thursday, September 1, 2016

San German

We're staying strong here in San Germán.

Just started year two at the Interamerican University. Graduate students are an inspiration. My undergraduates are eager to learn English and join the workforce at full speed!

God bless those who have followed us from Germany to Tennessee to Puerto Rico. We'll keep you in the know. Until next time, tschuss!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Johnson City

We're in Tennessee now. Right next to the Smoky Mountains. It's a blessing to travel with Ambar and to live in new places. Thank you Lord for Ambar.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Language Contact and Bilingualism volume ?

Mouton de Gruyter has agreed to publish my doctoral dissertation in their series Language Contact and Bilingualism. The title is still in the works. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Oregon and Washington

Ambar and I went to Oregon in January. We went to a couple vinyards in wine country and also ate fantastic seafood. We drove from Portland to Seattle the last day. We got to see the fish market and to eat our last northwest poboy before flying back to Hamburg.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ghana in August

I go to Istanbul on 1 August. I will tour the city during the day. I have a hotel room in a nice place in the historical part of the city. On 2 August I fly out of Istanbul and arrive in Nigeria. I have a two hour layover in Nigeria and then I fly on to Accra, Ghana.

I have a paper to present at the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics on 5 August. The weekend after we will take a trip to the forts and castles that were built on the Gold Coast. The week following that I will be on campus at the University of Ghana, Legon. I will interview Student Pidgin speakers to get some data for my dissertation.

All will go well. Pictures to come soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

West African Christian Church

I went to the West African Christian Church in Hamburg today to give a presentation on my project for LiMA (Linguistic Diversity Management in Urban Areas). They asked me to come up to the front after the service and talk a little about myself and what I want from the Ghanaian community.

It all went really well. I encouraged them to start a language program for the youth that would teach the Akan language. Then I told them I would be coming to the church to record Akan and ask questions about how often they use the language in Hamburg. Reverend Roberts will get the names of people who are interested in working with me and will set up a time for us to meet. Gracias a Dios que todo salío bien.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

to Freiburg and Zürich and back

We got to celebrate Carnival in Europe this year! We don't have a lot of pics of Carnival, but we do have plenty of us hanging out in Zürich and enjoying our week in Freiburg. We stayed around the Black Forest for eight days and then went down to Switzerland for the weekend. We stayed at Leonardo Botique Hotel in Zürich. We loved eating whole breaded pork and sautéed veal in mushroom sauce "Zürich style" at Johanniter.

Swiss Alps 
in front of a flower shop in Zürich
our hotel room at Leonardo's
our complimentary treats from Leonatdo's
overlooking Zürich Altstadt at night
a shopping street in Zürich

first class train ride down to Freiburg

Plaza in Freiburg
Freiburg Münster (Freiburg Minster)

Freiburg houses and the Black Forest
Freiburg and Black Forest
one of our hotels in Freiburg