Thursday, March 17, 2011

to Freiburg and Zürich and back

We got to celebrate Carnival in Europe this year! We don't have a lot of pics of Carnival, but we do have plenty of us hanging out in Zürich and enjoying our week in Freiburg. We stayed around the Black Forest for eight days and then went down to Switzerland for the weekend. We stayed at Leonardo Botique Hotel in Zürich. We loved eating whole breaded pork and sautéed veal in mushroom sauce "Zürich style" at Johanniter.

Swiss Alps 
in front of a flower shop in Zürich
our hotel room at Leonardo's
our complimentary treats from Leonatdo's
overlooking Zürich Altstadt at night
a shopping street in Zürich

first class train ride down to Freiburg

Plaza in Freiburg
Freiburg Münster (Freiburg Minster)

Freiburg houses and the Black Forest
Freiburg and Black Forest
one of our hotels in Freiburg